Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you all & may 2012 be filled with lots of love, happiness and joy! 

After all the pre & post christmas parties and the new year revelry many couples have started 2012 newly engaged & are eagerly jumping on the internet and searching through countless wedding websites for anything and everything weddings! After slightly coming down from “cloud nine” and looking at your gorgeous sparkler that happens to have taken up residence on your left hand, you are left wondering “Now what?”

First things first, if you know what you want but have trouble putting it all together a planner is what you need! If you are stretched for time or require some assistance on particular areas of your wedding a planner can also be of service. What I tend to do as a wedding planner is tackle the budget first & foremost. As you cautiously enter the world of weddings you will quickly learn about how establishing a budget at the beginning of the journey will hold you in good stead and you will be able to have & set realistic expectations. This will probably be the single most expensive event you will ever pay for and if you have never been exposed to the price tag of a typical wedding you may be a little shocked. 

The main purpose/objective of having a planner or the assistance of one is so they are able to use their contacts & get the most value out of the dollars you have to spend. Depending on the size of your guest list the most expensive area of a wedding is generally the reception so, being creative and controlled with your spending in other areas of your wedding and making creative choices you’ll be able to have a great wedding that is totally you and fits your personality budget.

To quote Colin Cowie’s general philosophy: “My general philosophy is to do five things really well instead of 10 things poorly. The priorities are different for each couple. Some may know they want to splurge on the food and venue and not care much for professional photography or entertainment. Others may want to splurge on an open bar, but go DIY with decorations. Whatever your preference, be sure to decide together what you’re willing to invest in and what can be cut back. As long as you’re both honest about what’s really important to you now, there will be fewer surprises (and arguments) in the future”

So as you can see wedding planner/event stylist to the stars also reminds us all to be clear with the budget and decide on what you as the couple consider to be “non negotiable” so that you may be able to have the wedding you have always wanted without the “financial stress”.

Remember to always…….Honour ~ Love ~ Cherish & PLAN

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