To plug or unplug weddings, who would have ever thought we’d be talking about plugging or unplugging weddings!

This subject has always been a bit of a hit & miss with some people since we now live in a technological age where anything goes…online! For some the idea of not sharing any personal information with the big wide world is not an option ~ however I think it’s a fine line when it comes to weddings! Some couples are very social media active and prefer to update statuses at their every waking moment and there are others who tend to be a little more discreet.

When it comes to weddings I think if you have the permission of the couple or alternatively the couple has made it quite clear that it’s ok to instagram, FB, tweet etc throughout the reception well it’s all steam ahead. Personally, I think you owe it to the couple to be present throughout the most important part of the day & that is the ceremony! It is quite a sight to see the guests with all their hands to their faces trying to capture the moment where the couple are pronounced husband & wife yet they can’t clap because everyone is holding a ph etc ~ go figure!!

These days some couples are quite liberal in the “social media” arena and prefer to have things posted online as they may see it as not having a chance to participate as they are busy “getting married”. As the old saying goes….”to each his own” but bear in mind the requests of the couple either way as by doing so you are totally adhering to proper guest etiquette.

Wishing you happy planning…Natalie xx


Signage for unplugged weddings ~ courtesy of Pinterest


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