It has been a while since I last blogged & I have been meaning to write about some of the changes I have been experiencing as a planner. The world of weddings as we know it has always been about the fantasy, the glitz & glamour, & when you pick up a wedding magazine/subscribe to a wedding blog etc you are blown away by the price of weddings, and the pure extravagance of the entire event. The carrot is dangled & before you know it you are immersed into the world of weddings; especially the ones that seem to have that elusive “unlimited budget” ~ one should be so lucky :-)

My mantra has always been and always will be: “let us work on your wedding & you work on your relationship”. Too often I see couples, placing so much unneeded pressure on themselves to have the perfect wedding reception; and what they are missing out on is the ability to enjoy the wedding planning journey & the one of self discovery. Let’s face it, this is usually the only time in your life that you will ever stage such a big event; so why not enjoy the experience & leave the details to the professionals. 

With more & more couples working together on financing their wedding; this has now become the foundation for the couple to learn to work together & reach compromises which means the wedding is becoming more about the relationship and less about an extravagant party; the way it should be! All the stresses associated with hosting such an event has always been the catalyst for “couples” transforming into people they are not.

So in short, enjoy the planning process ~ these days with couples working longer hours (to subsequently fund the wedding) the convenience of having a planner has now become quintessentially the ‘secret weapon’ for the couple‚Äôs sanity. So do yourselves a favour and focus on your relationship first & foremost and let the wedding be a reflection of what it is you hold dear.

Wishing you all happy planning…….Natalie xx

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