I love being a wedding planner and be able to use my imagination to where ever the wind blows. Those are the perks of the trade and when when working with a couple it’s all about meshing the creative idea with the individuality of the couple.These are a few little ideas to add some FUN to your special day with your own personal twist to your wedding reception.

1. Photo Booths
Some may disagree with photo booths and think they are so passe – but I just love them! Especially the sepia toned ones (brown tint to the photos) since they add that vintage feel if that’s what you are after, or alternatively normal colour and that is because it creates an interactive activity for you and your guests. You could also make a photo collage and frame it ~ which could turn out to be quite a talking piece at your next dinner party!

2. Low, Lush Centrepieces
Low centrepieces can still make plenty of impact with an abundance of colourful flowers teamed with candles and mirrored table tops. With the amount of flowers available these days the only thing stopping you is your imagination.

3. Cake/Dessert Station
Before I begin, this is the FUN part of wedding planning ~ cake tasting YUM!! Can’t decide on what you want? Cake tasting and design has come a long way since the traditional fruit cake and mud cake(not that there is anything wrong with that) but who can decide one only one thing. If your budget allows it why not combine both options and have a cake for the traditional side of the proceedings and then have the dessert station as a bonus for you and your guests. Cake anyone??

4.Engagement Photos
Everyone does engagement photos most of the time and usually people give them away to family and friends and have them displayed around the house etc. Why not add these photos to your “Save the Date” cards or use them for your engagement party invitations. At least they are being put to good use and being used more than once.

5. Bridesmaids Dresses
Gone are the days when all the bridesmaids had to look the same. There is nothing wrong with everyone looking the same if that is what you like, however its great to include the girls individuality by choosing dresses that flatter different body types. An idea would be have all the girls with different styles of dresses, using the same colour palette. Just use your imagination an get some input from your friends if you dare!

6.Floral Arrangements
Having varied floral arrangements is another great idea too. By this I mean, having all the girls with different floral bouquets (ideally posies suited to the colour palette used throughout the wedding) and then the bridal bouquet to be a combination of them of all. A unique twist on a classic.

Hopefully after reading these ideas you are able to get those creative juices flowing and get some inspiration for own special affair.

Happy Planning……….Natalie

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