Photography ~ where to start? First things first…you set the date, right? From here it’s all about research and of course working within your budget. Too often couples cut corners in the wrong areas and its such a shame if you have taken the time to plan every detail of this momentous occasion so why not take the time to research, research, research. It always pays to shop around to find the right fit for your wedding and by that I mean you must “connect” with your wedding photographer as well as having the right photographer capture your style. A great rapport will “always” shine through to your priceless images when you book the right person.

2014 AIPP Creative Photographer of the Year


Joanne & Kirk ~ Sandalford Winery wedding. Photos by Compose Photography

As a qualified wedding planner (yes there is more to it than just being a personal assistant!) it is also my job to make sure all my clients understand the difference between “value” vs “cost” in all areas of the wedding planning process. With all the hard work & countless hours (although having a qualified wedding planner would alleviate this :-) behind you, wouldn’t it make sense to invest in someone who can aptly capture all this effort and represent you & your beloved on one of the most important days ever? Everyone loves gorgeous portraits with well-planned details, but often times what really brings out our “aww’s” and “wow’s” are the photographs that capture memorable moments that show true emotions behind the scenes. Unfortunately you do get what you pay for in certain situations so when researching make sure you are getting quite a bang for your buck (extra images, fabby album etc) Referrals are great however I do recommend you should always go for someone that has credentials! Never under estimate the value of priceless images.


Miss Tia (daughter of Joanne & Kirk) Photo by Compose Photography



Kirsten Graham : 2014 AIPP Creative Photographer of the Year


Rebecca Johansson : 2014 WA AIPP Professional Photographer of the Year

I have been fortunate enough to work with both Kirsten & Rebecca of Compose Photography (both of which are AIPP accredited & Rebecca was recently awarded the 2014 WA AIPP Professional Photographer of the Year) concurrently Kirsten has now also been awarded the 2014 AIPP Creative Photographer of the Year. 

Both ladies have worked on several of my weddings and all of my clients have been nothing but “wowed”:) These girls are fantastic and have the most welcoming personalities that makes working with them an absolute breeze :)

Which leads me onto a short interview Kirsten Graham of  Compose Photography kindly agreed to give me (

Here are a few of the questions Kirsten kindly gave insight to at our interview:

How soon should one book an accredited photographer for their wedding?

A: The earlier the better, particularly if you are getting married during “peak wedding season” (months between Sept ~June) some couples book as early as 18mths in advance, so if you find the one you love & one you can afford book it asap!

How many photographers should be on a couples short list?

A: Try to research at least 3 AIPP accredited photographers (this is the value component) so then you are able to decide on what style suits you best and know you are getting quality for your special day.

You mentioned “communication” is imperative, why?

A:  Communication with all parties concerned is important because as photographers we need to know the timing/scheduling for the day which is imperative for the day to go smoothly! A qualified wedding planner is extremely important for the running of the day as they are the liaison between the couple the rest of the suppliers. Always research for a qualified wedding planner as this will ensure you are in capable hands.

What is your pet peeve at weddings?

A: Hmm, let me think about that one! Ah yes, all wedding ceremonies should be “unplugged”! All guests should be present & not distracted by their mobile devices. If need be there is plenty of time to take pics at the reception.

So all in all please keep in mind your budget, style and always cherish these once in a lifetime memories.

If you want relaxed photographers who listen to their clients, have a great rapport with vendors in the industry, and really take the time to hone their craft look no further than Compose Photography and tell the girls that Natalie from Carte Blanche Weddings sent you :)

Remember you never get a second chance to make a great first impression!

Happy Planning…Natalie xx

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