From the moment you’ve announced your engagement (congratulations !) the pressure is on to plan the “biggest event”   you’ll ever host. Nothing quite prepares you for the emotional & exciting world of weddings; but with all the pretty & and not so “budget friendly” images from Instagram/Facebook and those “styled shoots” etc it’s important to take your time & slowly navigate your way!

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With that said…you maybe an organised bride who knows exactly what she wants…or you may be a bride who has some sort of an idea…no matter where you think you may fit in there are still things that require some early management to avoid dramas & dilemmas down the line!

So as a wedding planner, it’s my passion & mission in life to make sure that all my couples maintain some sense of normalcy throughout this emotionally charged journey so that you can truly enjoy this wonderful experience of marrying your best friend can offer.

As with any list of things there are always loads to mention (probably too much ) but the main things to consider are a few of my “non-negotiables”:

Manage your guest list… To some this maybe a no brainer but this is where most of the expense comes from to host a wedding, the reception! More guests=more $$. Venue searches & guest numbers go hand in hand ~ so do your homework and research, research, research! Having smaller guests numbers will make the event more intimate; therefore allowing you to mingle more with your guests.

Affordability… Let’s face it…no-one likes to hear the words “budget”, “affordability” or “cost effective” when it comes to planning your wedding; however it is something that should be discussed as early as possible so that expectations can be managed by all involved when you begin your un-ending searches for all things weddings. On paper it’s ok to go over budget… as you will be comparing prices left & right ; however this is where you must also weigh up what’s “really” important ( & yes …everything is, right?) so that you can be marriage rich & not wedding poor!

What style of wedding would you like?… This is where a little bit of thought can go a long way. First & foremost your wedding should be a representation of who you both are so that your guests can feel the true essence of your celebration. Deciding on the formality or informality will also enhance this experience so it may be wise to start thinking about this as early as possible.

Jayde & Aaron - Caversham House Coordinated by Carte Blanche Wedding Design

Jayde & Aaron – Caversham House
Coordinated by Carte Blanche Wedding Design

Communicate & Negotiate!…Never underestimate the art  “communication”. I never really understood that saying growing up but it really is an art that takes a lifetime to master.  Although at times things can become quite overwhelming it’s the response to things that can often inflame a situation and that totally blows it all out of proportion. Find middle ground (negotiate & compromise) and learn to “pick your battles”.

Manage your expectations…As with any event, the level of expectation is heightened when emotions are at play when dealing with family & friends. Not only do you need to keep this in check but its wise to also be conscious of how you treat vendors & those around you during this new journey.

As I wrap up this blog post, I must not be remiss in mentioning that this is not a lecture but a priceless piece of knowledge that will hopefully assist you in becoming the most relaxed and appreciative bride you can be. Go into this wonderful journey with an open heart and mind and be content knowing that you will be spending a lifetime with your sweetie.

Wishing you all happy planning …Natalie xoxo



At CBWD offering an array of services to the most discerning bride in Perth is my passion. From planning to design and everything in between it would be a delight to meet and discuss your celebration. Let the planning begin…

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