Hmmm……what does this mean? Could it mean your dream wedding? Could it mean all your dreams coming true for your special day? Well sort of……..this blog is about wanting everything possible thing and not really paying for it! How is this possible you may ask? Well the answer is easy…..I’m writing about tips for your Bridal Registry. Where you can literally shop till you drop and not pay a cent – not a bad deal, hey.

Creating a wedding gift registry can be a daunting task, so I’ve assembled the best advice to get you started…..
1. Have a PLAN 
Firstly draw up a list of what you want and what you need. Don’t be afraid to choose larger, expensive items as it gives guests a chance to buy a group gift. Select gifts that cater for different budgets. Give guests plenty of choices at different price points.
2. Go back to BASICS
Move through the store thinking of each room of the house. List essentials including: glassware, dinnerware, towels and bedlinen.
3. Adding a touch of FUN & LUXE
Popularity  of Wedgewood & Royal Doulton is growing as designs become more modern. Wii consoles are also finding their way on a number of registries, its fun and both bride & groom can play. If travel is a priority to the couple, luxe luggage can also be included.
4. Living together
Don’t worry this is a chance to either complete a set of dinner plates, glasses or upgrade to more sophisticated homewares
TOP 10 Wedding Gifts
  • Coffee Machine
  • Wine decanters
  • Formal Cutlery set
  • Set of LUXE wine glasses
  • Pots & Pan set
  • Digital camera/video
  • Complete formal dinner set
  • Set of quality cook books
  • Gift Voucher for Couples Day Spa
  • Cooking class voucher for bride & groom
I hope this these handy tips make shopping for wedding gifts loads of fun and hope that you get everything in your wish list!
Happy Planning……………..Natalie
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