Should there be a “dress code” for the wedding planner?

In my professional opinion as a planner, I think that we should have a dress code or least a dress style for the occasion. For some reason wedding planners are seen to nearly always wear the “proverbial black outfit” and yes I too have been guilty into subscribing to this colour palette; because as we all know its about the couple.

However we also have the dilemma of looking professional and festive as well as trying to unobtrusively blend into the background. I think we should adopt a sense of style that reflects us as individuals and as planners since we are the walking & talking advertisement for our businesses. People who we will interact with on the day of the wedding, prior to the wedding and all the supplier appointments in between will often notice our attire and although we should never “judge a book by its cover” we unintentionally tend to do so!

So where to go from here? I personally have been a little reluctant to wear quite a few pieces from my wardrobe that I think will draw attention to me; however upon reflection injecting a little colour to your outfit is a good thing and should not be treated as “taboo” but a way of expressing your personal style. There is no rule book to suggest how one should dress so the onus is definitely placed upon the individual.

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