As we all know, when it comes to planning any sort of party, get together, event or any other name we choose to call a collection of people socialising in the one setting, this generally means money. Don’t get confused with the word “cost effective” either, thinking it means “cheap” it doesn’t!! This just means that there is an alternative way of hosting your friends & family by adding that personal touch which usually tends to mean that little bit more.

With weddings costing more than what they used to, brides & grooms are being more money conscious so it’s important to address these concerns by coming up with some fun alternative ways of entertaining your guests & still remain with a little bit of integrity (before the drinks kick in, at least ;-)

Classy Cocktail Party

Why not throw a cocktail party in a friend’s house so you can save serious cash.There are oodles of ways to keep it classy.You can get a variety of cheeses or a fabulous cheese tower,beautiful breads, flavoured oils and specialty dips. You can really make it interesting, by serving some colourful, sexy drinks, like a cosmo or be more adventurous by making up some signature cocktails.

Bridal shower Cocktail party idea


High Tea

Show off your worldliness by hosting an afternoon high tea, so you can keep food light and to a minimum. You can serve a variety of teas for everyone to sample along with scones,finger sandwiches & those delicious petit fours. Why not check out flea markets/vintage stores for wonderful old teacups, saucers, and teapots. It’s even more interesting when they don’t match.

Bridal shower High Tea idea

Tasteful games at your bridal shower

Probably the most inexpensive idea is to have some tasteful games. Remember that you will usually have some older women at your shower so it’s important to take this into consideration (you still want your future mother-in-law to have fun!)

To some these games might seem cheesy but if done correctly and a bit of thought is put into it a fantastic way to integrate all your guests & make some new memories from the old ones.

You’d be surprised at how the little things add up (maybe not!), so for the invitations, why not get in touch with your creative crafty side ; buy some specialty stationery & use your computer if you are that way inclined or DIY invites from a reputable stationer. A great idea is to put a crossword puzzle on the invitation with questions about the bride and groom. You can include questions like ‘where did the bride go to school,’ or ‘what is the bride/groom’s favourite drink’. These small touches make the invitations quite unique, so they’re not just boring, and also manages to add that little bit of “je nais se quoi” by involving your guests that extra bit more.

Bridal shower games by


Just remember that what really matters when you’re planning a shower is the thought, love, and personality you put into it, not how much money you spent.

Wishing you happy planning…Natalie xx

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