From the moment you’ve announced your engagement (congratulations !) the pressure is on to plan the “biggest event”   you’ll ever host. Nothing quite prepares you for the emotional & exciting world of weddings; but with all the pretty & and not so “budget friendly” images from Instagram/Facebook and those “styled shoots” etc it’s important to take your time & slowly navigate your way!

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wedding organiser

With that said…you maybe an organised bride who knows exactly what she wants…or you may be a bride who has some sort of an idea…no matter where you think you may fit in there are still things that require some early management to avoid dramas & dilemmas down the line!

So as a wedding planner, it’s my passion & mission in life to make sure that all my couples maintain some sense of normalcy throughout this emotionally charged journey so that you can truly enjoy this wonderful experience of marrying your best friend can offer.

As with any list of things there are always loads to mention (probably too much ) but the main things to consider are a few of my “non-negotiables”:

Manage your guest list… To some this maybe a no brainer but this is where most of the expense comes from to host a wedding, the reception! More guests=more $$. Venue searches & guest numbers go hand in hand ~ so do your homework and research, research, research! Having smaller guests numbers will make the event more intimate; therefore allowing you to mingle more with your guests.

Affordability… Let’s face it…no-one likes to hear the words “budget”, “affordability” or “cost effective” when it comes to planning your wedding; however it is something that should be discussed as early as possible so that expectations can be managed by all involved when you begin your un-ending searches for all things weddings. On paper it’s ok to go over budget… as you will be comparing prices left & right ; however this is where you must also weigh up what’s “really” important ( & yes …everything is, right?) so that you can be marriage rich & not wedding poor!

What style of wedding would you like?… This is where a little bit of thought can go a long way. First & foremost your wedding should be a representation of who you both are so that your guests can feel the true essence of your celebration. Deciding on the formality or informality will also enhance this experience so it may be wise to start thinking about this as early as possible.

Jayde & Aaron - Caversham House Coordinated by Carte Blanche Wedding Design

Jayde & Aaron – Caversham House
Coordinated by Carte Blanche Wedding Design

Communicate & Negotiate!…Never underestimate the art  “communication”. I never really understood that saying growing up but it really is an art that takes a lifetime to master.  Although at times things can become quite overwhelming it’s the response to things that can often inflame a situation and that totally blows it all out of proportion. Find middle ground (negotiate & compromise) and learn to “pick your battles”.

Manage your expectations…As with any event, the level of expectation is heightened when emotions are at play when dealing with family & friends. Not only do you need to keep this in check but its wise to also be conscious of how you treat vendors & those around you during this new journey.

As I wrap up this blog post, I must not be remiss in mentioning that this is not a lecture but a priceless piece of knowledge that will hopefully assist you in becoming the most relaxed and appreciative bride you can be. Go into this wonderful journey with an open heart and mind and be content knowing that you will be spending a lifetime with your sweetie.

Wishing you all happy planning …Natalie xoxo



At CBWD offering an array of services to the most discerning bride in Perth is my passion. From planning to design and everything in between it would be a delight to meet and discuss your celebration. Let the planning begin…

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Welcome to our “Weddings Unveiled ~ An Event Planning Masterclass”

Our Masterclass event is tailored to benefit “brides to be”“Mothers of the Bride”, “Mother in laws to be”, “bridesmaids” and any “helpers” enlisted on the big day!

No matter how far away your wedding day is or whether you have already settled on a date and begun the planning process, our handy hints & tips will be timeless & applicable to any stage of wedding planning. This is one of the most important events in your life and what better way to kick-start it the journey than with help from the experts in the know!

At our “wedding planning masterclass” we are all about making sure the “bride to be” is confident & relaxed knowing that all the details of the big day have been covered and no stone left unturned while still having the time to attend to other areas of your life.

wedding planning, organised bride, perth wedding planning

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A sample of some of the wedding topics discussed will be:

  1. Where do I begin & What do I book first?
  2. What questions should I ask my vendors?
  3. How to talk “budget” with your fiancee & family 
  4. How to find your style
  5. How to assemble your “dream wedding team”

Our  fun conversational & realistic approach will instil confidence into the  most organised bride knowing that you are tackling this event with the best information at hand & at the same time never losing sight of the main reason you are on this journey… to marry your best friend!

Included in our insightful session will be some light beverages, delicious morsels & a goody bag filled with special offers to help celebrate this wonderful time :-)

Wishing you all happy planning …& we look forward to seeing you all at our event! xxx



  1. Full payment is required in advance of the event date to reserve your seat(s)
  2. Purchase 3 or more tickets & receive $25 off the original price
  3. Payment payable by Visa & MasterCard only
  4. There will no refund upon cancellation
  5. Your ticket is not transferable to another event
  6. Your ticket is not transferable to another person without advance notice
  7. Full name of main attendee & guest(s) required as well as wedding date/location(if applicable)
  8. Please note once payment is received & approved (all credit cards details will be discarded)
  9. To purchase tickets…please send an email to: or alternatively please call me on 0422-106-726
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It’s that time in your life when a rush of engagement stories and excitement abounds, when suddenly you tap into your “inner wedding radar” (yes, ladies we all have one!) and you notice everything about weddings (bridal magazines, the magical world of Pinterest and endless to do lists!)

you're what

With that in mind, we warmly invite you to our wedding planning masterclass to get you started on your marital journey. We will debunk taboos & discuss all things weddings from the moment you get engaged to what questions to ask your vendors, how to deal with the complications of family dramas & even the “dreaded budget” talk.

As wedding professionals with years of experience in the wedding and event industry, our unique & fun format will enlighten the process by tackling those issues you want to know about but were too afraid to ask; so that you can kick-start your wedding planning the right way (your way!) and be the radiant bride you deserve to be.

Our event is a wonderful collaboration amongst wedding professionals including: Floral Designer, Tali  from Twigged Flowers, Wedding and Event Planner, Natalie from Carte Blanche Wedding Design with special contributions from Heart, Strings and Pretty Things and De La Rosa Cupcakes.

What we all have in common is our value in the importance of having a radiant, relaxed & organised bride on her wedding day,  knowing that all the preparation in the lead up to the big day has been taken care of with no stone left unturned.

Stay tuned for more exciting details coming soon… :-)

Wishing you all happy planning ahead & a wonderful marital journey…x

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heartstrings & pretty things

amy de la rosa

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I first met Michelle after receiving an enquiry over the ph about planning her wedding to Adrian. Our first meeting at their lovely home in Fremantle went without a hitch and so began the planning journey that would accommodate an intimate wedding affair. This wedding was a little different as the bride was a mature bride (with 3 grown children) and although she had done this many years ago Michelle was very receptive to loads of suggestions which made my job a lot easier :)

Fast forward a month or so later and wedding day arrived. That morning it absolutely rained like no tomorrow and there was everything from wind/thunder and of course lightening! Although their wedding wasn’t till the afternoon you’d never know what horrible weather we had dealt with in the morning. Nothing can dampen the spirit of a woman in love :)


Michelle & Adrian wedding picture taken under some jacaranda trees. Photo by Compose Photography

Both the ceremony and reception were held at the Bluewater Grill in Applecross where the guests where treated to some great food and a bevy of fine wines and champagne.

Michelle & Adrian wedding ~ Photo by Compose Photography

As a wedding planner I have the distinct privilege of meeting and working with some lovely couples and these 2 were no exception and as an unexpected “thank you” I was kindly invited by the newly weds to join them for dinner together with my husband at Bluewater Grill :)

Despite the age difference it really warms my heart to see 2 people like Michelle & Adrian be so in love, not to mention calling them friends!

Wishing you all happy planning…Natalie xx

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Meeting couples and assisting them in having their “perfect day” is something I hold very close to heart. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing a couple in love be in love all day as they blissfully enjoy the attention on wedding day without a care in the world.

I had the pleasure of meeting of the delightful Hana after an initial enquiry was made for wedding planning services. As a stickler for punctuality (which I found out she was after she booked me!) I was 10mins or so early, so whilst I waited for her I saw her enter with a smile on her face truly impressed that I was already there with pen in hand. During our appt in the lovely picturesque suburb of Cottesloe we were able to discuss her wedding in detail and fine tune her concerns. I think it might have been our 2nd appt where I met the lovely Scott and we were able to finalise a few more things.

From the get go Hana was very organised (spreadsheet at the ready!)and knew exactly what she wanted and how she wanted everything done (this is definitely not a bad thing, as it makes my job that little bit easier:) and as it turned out there was only a few things she needed assistance with.

So we fast forward to the wedding day and it was a fabulous day, which started where the girls were all getting ready (hair & makeup) and the happy buzz that was filling the room was definitely catching.


Hana & bridesmaids after their hair & makeup

As any bride would know the morning of the wedding just flies so before we knew it was time for the nuptials and they were so lovely…vows were exchanged at the Sunken Gardens at UWA here are some of the gorgeous pics.

Hana & Scott exchanging vows at UWA

Ceremony held at UWA Sunken Garden. Decor by Touched By Angels

After all the congratulations all the guests were ferried to Steve’s in Nedlands for drinks and then taken to Mosman’s Restaurant for the reception.


Wedding Reception held at Mosmans Restaurant ~ Mosman Park


Custom wedding cake with apple on the top tier as an ode to the grooms farming background.

Macarons were give as bonboniere to all the guests and made to compliment the wedding colours. Provided by Le Petit Cakes




Lovely picture with my bride Hana

This wedding was lovely and intimate despite being over a 100 or so guests. Hana & Scott were definitely surrounded by lots of love that day. The latest news with this couple I am happy to report is that Hana has recently had a baby boy :)

Wishing you happy planning…Natalie xx

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It was a warm November afternoon last year when I received a phone call from a lovely girl named Andrea that was interested in hiring a wedding planner for her June nuptials. As usual we discussed a few things over the phone and we then proceeded to make an appointment to meet that week. The evening I went to the Jackson household to discuss all things weddings I was greeted by her lovely mother Roslyn who was quite excited at the prospect of her little girl getting married but a little trepidation had crept in regarding the enormity of this great undertaking.

Not knowing the Jackson family at this point I was definitely greeted with warmth and was looking forward to working with them. Charlie the cat made an appearance that day but was quite aloof with this new person that entered into his house (more of him later)It was not until our meeting progressed and we were delving into all things weddings when out of nowhere I was the “target” of their male budgie who instantly knew there was a new female in the house and proceeded to literally check me out by flying straight towards me like a missile (and anyone who knows me knows that birds flying about my head or anything flapping around my head freaks me out ~ just a tad!) and with Andrea & Roslyn not knowing whether to laugh or cry at this point it was clear that by surviving this attack I was the person for the job : ) Continue reading

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This couples journey with Carte Blanche Wedding Design began when I first received a ph call from the brides sister who lived in Tom Price on New Years Eve 2011. From that moment I knew I had my work cut out for me as we only had 3 months to organise this wedding and with the groom working away at times ,the bride having a 2 year old & her family living up north it had to be “all hands” on deck with this one!

After our initial consultation down in Waikiki it was clear to me that the bride was going to be very hands on ~ which is great; however with such a short time frame decisions had to be made pretty quickly! With all suppliers/vendors booked for the big day it was time to get the show on the road with our rehearsal to be held at the Hidden Gardens ~Caversham House.

Continue reading

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Well, where to begin!

Our collective journey began back in early 2011. As a planner I have the pleasure & privilege of meeting lovely couples that are beginning their wedding plans and don’t know where to start and just need a helping hand. At this meeting I was met with such excitement and eagerness that I couldn’t wait to start work on my couples wedding plans. Here is a little of the back story: Due to “my” grooms working commitments and time spent away from his adoring fiancee and cherubic little daughter it was quite clear that they were in need of a wedding planner.

After having our first meeting we were all set to get the ball rolling, however work for the groom became a little unsettled and wedding plans were put on the back burner and my assistance in their day became shelved momentarily.


Joanne & Kirk ~ pre-wedding photo

Fast forward a few months and out of the blue they contacted me and said all was good with the “grooms” work and they were ready to start the wedding planning journey. It was with such fervour that the work began and having a delightful couple like them to work with it made it quite easy to get things moving along :)

For Joanne having the assistance of a wedding planner served to be invaluable due to Kirk working away and her immediate family based in Victoria; so with that in mind I felt that my role as a wedding planner sometimes changed to being a sounding board as well as being a friend – both roles I take quite seriously :) As the wedding process got underway it was a great pleasure to be able to introduce them to my contacts which are some of Perth’s finest wedding industry professionals and with this bevy of choice it definitely became one of excitement & joy as we explored various options that were in line with their vision.

With Kirk away it was a up to Joanne to narrow the selection down and it was then and only then that we presented these to the groom when he was in town. It was wonderful to see that all of Joanne’s selections were in line with what she thought Kirk would like which only proved that these 2 were definitely in sync when it came to all things weddings! At this point I must not be remiss in mentioning that having a very “involved groom was a refreshing take on wedding preparations; it was great to see a groom having a voice amongst the females & that working up north was no excuse for him to participate:)

As our to-do-list slowly began to dwindle & the months just kept flying by it was quite clear that the wedding day was fast approaching. Once the selections were made with decor, cake, transport, DJ and dress I think the reality of it all hit home once they saw their wedding invitations in black & white; as it is then they were faced with the reality of the wedding actually taking place.

It’s a funny thing actually, that despite going through the motions of picking suppliers it kind of doesn’t hit you until you see it in print. I distinctly remember Joanne squealing with absolute delight after 2 particular moments, one was when she chose her dress and the other when the wedding invitations were done. I must mention our suppliers; correction “our dream team” that have been nothing but exemplary & the best in accommodating appointments to tailor in the grooms work schedule and they are all as excited as we are that the day is finally here :))

It has been a dream to work with professionals that still manage to get excited as we do when planning weddings! As a planner I must admit that certain things become routine because as you all know after all, it is second nature to know when to book things, to coordinate colour schemes, to recommend the right suppliers, organise rehearsals etc, but the most personal moment for me is seeing the journey I see my couples go through and the transformation of them as individuals & as a couple by working together on their joint project.

Inadvertently by working and planning on their wedding they are already learning the art of compromise & communication some fundamental & key things that await them as they approach married life. Last Friday was our rehearsal at Sandalford and what a rehearsal it was! We were blessed with the presence of the charismatic Bodie Norman (grooms brother & best man) who had us in lots of laughter & who gave our celebrant Colleen a run for her money (however if the truth be told she held her own quite well!!)

Some of Kirk’s family were also in attendance which was quite handy as they did well in filling in for the absent bridal party members. With that said, after months of preparations, countless emails, phone calls & appointments I can quite confidently say that their wedding day is upon us in 2 more sleeps and I couldn’t be happier to be a part of this couple’s day.

Tissues will be at the ready for Friday as everyone sheds some happy tears  (oh and yes & that will definitely include the planner who will be covering her peepers with some dark sunnies & perhaps having a sniffle or two in the back row:)) I will be posting some wedding pics when they come to hand as well as a new blog post detailing the festivities of the wedding.


Wedding Day ~ Joanne & Kirk Sandalford Winery

Wishing you all happy planning… Natalie xx

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