From the moment you’ve announced your engagement (congratulations !) the pressure is on to plan the “biggest event”   you’ll ever host. Nothing quite prepares you for the emotional & exciting world of weddings; but with all the pretty & and not so “budget friendly” images from Instagram/Facebook and those “styled shoots” etc it’s important to take your time & slowly navigate your way!

wedding planning, organised bride, perth wedding planning

wedding organiser

With that said…you maybe an organised bride who knows exactly what she wants…or you may be a bride who has some sort of an idea…no matter where you think you may fit in there are still things that require some early management to avoid dramas & dilemmas down the line!

So as a wedding planner, it’s my passion & mission in life to make sure that all my couples maintain some sense of normalcy throughout this emotionally charged journey so that you can truly enjoy this wonderful experience of marrying your best friend can offer.

As with any list of things there are always loads to mention (probably too much ) but the main things to consider are a few of my “non-negotiables”:

Manage your guest list… To some this maybe a no brainer but this is where most of the expense comes from to host a wedding, the reception! More guests=more $$. Venue searches & guest numbers go hand in hand ~ so do your homework and research, research, research! Having smaller guests numbers will make the event more intimate; therefore allowing you to mingle more with your guests.

Affordability… Let’s face it…no-one likes to hear the words “budget”, “affordability” or “cost effective” when it comes to planning your wedding; however it is something that should be discussed as early as possible so that expectations can be managed by all involved when you begin your un-ending searches for all things weddings. On paper it’s ok to go over budget… as you will be comparing prices left & right ; however this is where you must also weigh up what’s “really” important ( & yes …everything is, right?) so that you can be marriage rich & not wedding poor!

What style of wedding would you like?… This is where a little bit of thought can go a long way. First & foremost your wedding should be a representation of who you both are so that your guests can feel the true essence of your celebration. Deciding on the formality or informality will also enhance this experience so it may be wise to start thinking about this as early as possible.

Jayde & Aaron - Caversham House Coordinated by Carte Blanche Wedding Design

Jayde & Aaron – Caversham House
Coordinated by Carte Blanche Wedding Design

Communicate & Negotiate!…Never underestimate the art  “communication”. I never really understood that saying growing up but it really is an art that takes a lifetime to master.  Although at times things can become quite overwhelming it’s the response to things that can often inflame a situation and that totally blows it all out of proportion. Find middle ground (negotiate & compromise) and learn to “pick your battles”.

Manage your expectations…As with any event, the level of expectation is heightened when emotions are at play when dealing with family & friends. Not only do you need to keep this in check but its wise to also be conscious of how you treat vendors & those around you during this new journey.

As I wrap up this blog post, I must not be remiss in mentioning that this is not a lecture but a priceless piece of knowledge that will hopefully assist you in becoming the most relaxed and appreciative bride you can be. Go into this wonderful journey with an open heart and mind and be content knowing that you will be spending a lifetime with your sweetie.

Wishing you all happy planning …Natalie xoxo



At CBWD offering an array of services to the most discerning bride in Perth is my passion. From planning to design and everything in between it would be a delight to meet and discuss your celebration. Let the planning begin…

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So you’ve set the wedding date and have gotten distracted by all things “pinterest” and you think to yourself: “Hmm, I better organise the wedding invitations!” Believe it or not unless you know exactly what you want and you know how much things cost you will be astounded by how much is actually involved in making your wedding invitation suite!

Believe me when I say there’s a lot more to setting the tone of your wedding event than with just pretty paper & a theme :-)

Here are a few of my top hints to consider when tackling the stationery part of your wedding…

Shine Wedding Invitations Mint Wedding Invitation Suite

Shine Wedding Invitations
Mint Wedding Invitation Suite

#1: Tantalise the tastebuds…

Weddings guests no matter how old always get excited at the prospect of receiving an invitation in the mail. Give your guests something to get excited about and a sneaky peek of what will be unveiled at your wedding. Setting the tone of your wedding through your colour scheme , fonts and paper stock is crucial and an excellent first impression for your guests, always remembering to make sure you follow the theme right through and that it represents who you are as a couple.

#2: How many invitations do I need?

This question is a common affliction amongst brides and brides-to-be as they are often not sure of the quantity of invitations they should order. As a rule of thumb you can apply this principle to safeguard yourself an added expense should you run a little short…if you have 100 guests you should order between 55-60 wedding invitations (usually its one per couple, however there maybe an occasion where there are a few singletons so this must be a consideration /its up to you but I think its also nice to give your bridal party a wedding  invitation as they often have partners attending / you should always have a spare few just in case and finally make sure to keep one for yourself as a memento :-)

#3: What makes up an invitation suite?

Depending on your budget and the extent of how far you wish to go with protocol and etiquette, the sky is generally the limit here! Usually it varies from wedding to wedding but if you were to go the whole nine yards well here it is… (a) save the date (b) bridal shower (c) wedding invitation (d) enclosures…rsvp/accommodation details/map/menu selections/bridal registry details or charity donation details or wishing well (e) personalised menus (f) table numbers (g) thank you cards (h) party favour gift tags/labels (i) envelopes (j) wedding programs

Classic wedding invitation

Classic wedding invitation organised by my own bride & groom

#4: Budget

Wedding invitations are usually a custom product, so with this comes a price tag (not that it is a bad thing, it just means its “extra special” ) There are some cost saving alternatives like sending out a postcard RSVP card instead of one with an envelope however its best to always speak to a stationery professional first as they are a wealth of knowledge and will steer you in the right direction. Additional costs can also include personalised envelopes and of course other items that require more time to do. Always bear in mind that this is the first thing guests will see as a preview to your wedding so be measured in where you wish to cost cut.

#5: Postage Costs

Now this is something one can easily overlook as we get carried away with all the prettiness of your wedding stationery, however it is important to consider that there are additional costs when posting invitations particularly if they are square, are part of an elaborate invitation box where weight is taken into account or alternatively the size of the invitation. Before settling on a particular style of wedding invitation be sure to consult your stationery specialist or Australia Post to ensure you allow for the extra expense of postage as this is definitely part of the stationery budget!

#6 Timing is everything

Due to wedding invitations sometimes being a custom product (depending on what you decide to do) you should anticipate the process taking 2-3 months and allow more if you are a little on the indecisive side. Engaging with your wedding stationery specialist from the beginning will ensure you have enough time for all the changes.

Classic wedding invitation

Classic wedding invitation organised overseas by my own bride & groom

#7: Proofread everything

PROOFREAD EVERYTHING…When spending countless hours over colours & textures and perhaps stretching the budget for that extra little something for your wedding invitations, it’s crucial that proof reading be done “NO EXCUSES”. Nothing would be more upsetting than if the names on the invitations were incorrectly spelt or the all important wedding details (location/date & time) were incorrect! Stationery specialists will always do their utmost to get it right, but they are only human and particularly if names are not of english origin for example it is definitely worth the investment of time to make sure you check everything!

 #8: Should I buy a sample ?

For the sake of a few dollars I would recommend you purchase a wedding invitation sample wherever possible as it will give you something to hold onto while your little masterpiece is in the making , not only that it will remind you of what you ordered and keep you in check till you pick up your long awaited “wedding stationery parcel”.

#9: Online vs In-Store – you decide!

Like with everything else when it comes to weddings there is the online & in-store debate! With online stores you do have the instant gratification of acquiring your invitations sooner rather than later (particularly if you go with something pre-made) and the cost maybe slightly lower too these days, however the down side to that is that you don’t know what the quality will be like or even what you see online is exactly the same as in your hand. Call me old-school but I do prefer face to face contact with stationery specialists (and I do know quite a few ~ perks of the job, I say!) because for me it is all about the experience. Nothing quite compares to someone getting just as excited as you are when choosing papers & fonts ~ adding that extra little bit of sparkle to the wedding planning process is always priceless :-)

#10: Design

The design process always begins & ends with “you”. From the moment you think about what you like/don’t like your wedding stationery specialist will ask a myriad of questions to properly gauge what you are envisioning for your special day ranging from your colour scheme/location of wedding/time of year and of course we can’t forget your never ending inspirations from “pinterest”.

Remember to always enjoy the process no matter what… as it is the journey that makes the destination so worthwhile :-)

Wishing you all happy planning …xx

Carte Blanche Wedding Design can assist couples on specific areas and any areas of wedding planning so please feel free to contact me as I am always excited to meet new couples and get them on their way to marital bliss xx
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Welcome to our “Weddings Unveiled ~ An Event Planning Masterclass”

Our Masterclass event is tailored to benefit “brides to be”“Mothers of the Bride”, “Mother in laws to be”, “bridesmaids” and any “helpers” enlisted on the big day!

No matter how far away your wedding day is or whether you have already settled on a date and begun the planning process, our handy hints & tips will be timeless & applicable to any stage of wedding planning. This is one of the most important events in your life and what better way to kick-start it the journey than with help from the experts in the know!

At our “wedding planning masterclass” we are all about making sure the “bride to be” is confident & relaxed knowing that all the details of the big day have been covered and no stone left unturned while still having the time to attend to other areas of your life.

wedding planning, organised bride, perth wedding planning

wedding planning, weddings, engaged couples, perth wedding planner, boutique wedding planner perth, perth wedding stylist

A sample of some of the wedding topics discussed will be:

  1. Where do I begin & What do I book first?
  2. What questions should I ask my vendors?
  3. How to talk “budget” with your fiancee & family 
  4. How to find your style
  5. How to assemble your “dream wedding team”

Our  fun conversational & realistic approach will instil confidence into the  most organised bride knowing that you are tackling this event with the best information at hand & at the same time never losing sight of the main reason you are on this journey… to marry your best friend!

Included in our insightful session will be some light beverages, delicious morsels & a goody bag filled with special offers to help celebrate this wonderful time :-)

Wishing you all happy planning …& we look forward to seeing you all at our event! xxx



  1. Full payment is required in advance of the event date to reserve your seat(s)
  2. Purchase 3 or more tickets & receive $25 off the original price
  3. Payment payable by Visa & MasterCard only
  4. There will no refund upon cancellation
  5. Your ticket is not transferable to another event
  6. Your ticket is not transferable to another person without advance notice
  7. Full name of main attendee & guest(s) required as well as wedding date/location(if applicable)
  8. Please note once payment is received & approved (all credit cards details will be discarded)
  9. To purchase tickets…please send an email to: or alternatively please call me on 0422-106-726
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You’re engaged and the fabulous world of wedding planning has hit you from all angles…”congratulatory” hugs from family & friends to co-workers and soon the next question on everyones lips apart from “have you set a date yet?” is “have you started looking at dresses yet?” As females, we all love to “shop” (ahem…some more than others ;-) and with that comes the trappings of purchasing “our first gown”; an experience to be treasured and shared with those nearest and dearest.

We all know, one of the many things we enjoy as “brides to be” in the wedding planning process is the journey to find “the dress”. We scour the pages of bridal magazines, obsess over Pinterest and everything in between until we come across “that dress”.

Well with that said, late last year I had the pleasure of catching up with Samantha Wynne stockist of some beautiful gowns at her boutique store in Mount Hawthorn, Perth WA who was kind enough in her busy schedule to set some time aside to catch up & meet with me to answer some of my questions relating to bridal attire; so here goes…


Samantha Wynne Boutique Mount Hawthorn, Perth WA

What is the SW experience?

We know every bride aspires for a wonderfully unique wedding and a distinctive dress that makes her feel extra special.  We try to ensure our clients feel very special at their personalised appointment but most importantly relaxed and comfortable to discuss their dream wedding dress. We try to ensure a high level of service and our clients have the full, undivided attention of our wedding stylists.

What price range are your gowns?

I’m asked this question alot! Our gowns start from approx $1500 to $15000. It depends on the designer, fabrics and the hours of work involved.

What is the process for a SW bride when she finds the right gown?

This is the exciting part! Champagne to celebrate, measurements taken & the six month countdown for the #arrivalofmydress.

Who is the SW bride?

The SW bride is a young woman who is confident in her decision making, but discerning at the same time. This is my 19th year in 2015 and I must say….I love all my brides, they are very classic, natural and have beautiful souls xxx

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Image courtesy of Pinterest

What is your opinion on trends in weddings?

On chatting with my clients it appears to be a “personalisation” theme. Sharing with their loved ones- their own personalities.  They want their weddings to be elegant & sophisticated but to be real with family & friends witnessing what the “marriage” is really about. From what I have heard & pinned on my Wedding Inspiration board on Pinterest; dining al fresco is popular, with tables left uncovered but finished with a simple vintage lace cloths, Floral centrepieces hanging, Roses, peonies, ranunculus..always dramatic and stunning to look at, and one that I love that is returning Champagne towers ( i had one of these at my own wedding) !!!

What do you see as a “trend” in bridal gowns in 2015?

Trends in bridal gowns are definitely, beautiful detailed beading, glamour of the roaring 20’s, beaded ball gowns,Lace gowns , Vintage lace gowns,  Floral details, Long sleeve wedding dresses, Illusion wedding dresses, Front slit dresses – brides in 2015 are very fortunate with choice!

“Thanks Samantha for that great insight into what the “SW experience” is as well as allowing us to be kept in the loop with the latest in bridal gown shopping!”

Before I end this lovely post, I’d like to share a few of my top tips on wedding gown shopping to enhance your wedding experience…

Confidence is “key”: when searching for the dress, it’s important to feel as natural as possible as this will enhance your “wedding glow” and allow you to be the radiant bride you dreamed of being on your special day.

Most dresses look really bad on the hanger:  Wedding dresses have a lot of detail that can totally weigh down a gown, making it sag on a hanger, so unlike shopping for normal clothes you won’t really know what a wedding dress will look like on you until you actually try it on. Keep an open mind and trust the consultant when she says “the dress looks better on the body than the hanger”.

The best time to book an appointment is on a weekday morning: Scheduling an appointment on a weekday morning (if possible) will ensure you have a more personalized experience and will help you not feel rushed, and  your appointment will actually start on time and that’s always good start.

Trying to please everyone: As a wedding planner & having the privilege of attending quite a few wedding gown appointments (one of my fave things to do!) it’s so important to limit the amount of people you wish to invite on this personal journey. The last thing you need is to be bombarded with opinions & disgruntled friends so to avoid any uncomfortable situations I suggest only 3 whose opinions you value the most & trust and who of course have your best interest at heart.

I hope that you have enjoyed my interview with Samantha and my top tips for gown shopping & that you embark on this wonderful & exciting time armed with more information with a little help from your friend…Natalie @ Carte Blanche Wedding Design.

Wishing you all happy planning…xx



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It’s that time in your life when a rush of engagement stories and excitement abounds, when suddenly you tap into your “inner wedding radar” (yes, ladies we all have one!) and you notice everything about weddings (bridal magazines, the magical world of Pinterest and endless to do lists!)

you're what

With that in mind, we warmly invite you to our wedding planning masterclass to get you started on your marital journey. We will debunk taboos & discuss all things weddings from the moment you get engaged to what questions to ask your vendors, how to deal with the complications of family dramas & even the “dreaded budget” talk.

As wedding professionals with years of experience in the wedding and event industry, our unique & fun format will enlighten the process by tackling those issues you want to know about but were too afraid to ask; so that you can kick-start your wedding planning the right way (your way!) and be the radiant bride you deserve to be.

Our event is a wonderful collaboration amongst wedding professionals including: Floral Designer, Tali  from Twigged Flowers, Wedding and Event Planner, Natalie from Carte Blanche Wedding Design with special contributions from Heart, Strings and Pretty Things and De La Rosa Cupcakes.

What we all have in common is our value in the importance of having a radiant, relaxed & organised bride on her wedding day,  knowing that all the preparation in the lead up to the big day has been taken care of with no stone left unturned.

Stay tuned for more exciting details coming soon… :-)

Wishing you all happy planning ahead & a wonderful marital journey…x

twigged logo

heartstrings & pretty things

amy de la rosa

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Well, as a bride to be or just a person who loves weddings we are definitely in wedding season and with that said, here are a few helpful tips from yours truly on how to handle & enjoy one of the most important days of your life :-)

First & foremost be a guest at your own wedding…

Remember you may have spent many countless hours planning the biggest party you will ever have so don’t forget to enjoy all the hard work you and/or planner have put in place. Immerse yourself in the festivities and let your hair down as this is the moment you have been waiting for!

Don’t Stress on the Weather

The number one wedding day detail you can’t control is rain. So if it rains, embrace it. Take photos outside under an umbrella and focus on your friends and family. Nothing should get in the way of marrying your sweetie ~ rain/hail or shine ;-)

Don’t Sweat the small stuff or any other planning to-do

Time to delegate the task to a planner who will alleviate all the last minute things. If you don’t have anyone to ask, skip it. Your guests won’t notice or care that half of the favours don’t have bows. They will notice if you look tired and stressed out!

Don’t Skip a Meal

Eat! Seriously, you have to have something in your stomach the morning of the wedding — trust me, one meal won’t affect how your dress fits. And it won’t matter how thin you look if you faint at the altar! The main thing here is graze throughout the day, something I most definitely recommend to my brides because you will be rather excited (well you should be!) and definitely high on “love” so keep your blood sugars level!

Image from pinterest

Don’t Try Out a New Makeup (or Any Other Beauty Product)

It’s important that your skin is used to the makeup that you use on the day-of so you won’t break out. If you want to try new things perhaps a few months out (i.e., colour, new foundations, new look etc ) do so a few months in advance so that you will feel comfortable & less stressed when your wedding day has arrived. Don’t do any drastic hair colours or cuts as you will regret this decision after the event!

Don’t Underestimate Your Schedule

Make sure you’ve allowed for some extra time in between having your hair and makeup done and getting to your photo site or ceremony, especially if you’re having it done somewhere else. Traffic could be bad or your hair and makeup could take longer than expected. A qualified planner with experience would’ve planned the day out with plenty of time for most things always, always erring on the side of caution & time delay :-)

Don’t Drink Too Much Champagne

It’s totally normal to have a glass of champagne with your bridesmaids before the ceremony, but don’t overdo it. You want to remember every single moment of the ceremony, not to mention look your best. Keep hydrated with water but don’t overdo this either as you’ll be wanting a bathroom break too often!

Don’t Pack for Your Honeymoon

If you ar planning on a honeymoon straight after the wedding (literally) then clearly this must be done sooner rather than later , however if you’re not leaving until the next day or so put it out of your mind for the day and do it after the wedding, where you’ll have a clearer head.

Don’t Wear Your Shoes for the First Time

This might be a no brainer for some of you , but still I hear of brides taking the risk on wearing new shoes on wedding day! Take the time to break in your shoes several weeks before the wedding day. Even if you’re not planning to wear 5-inch heels, you’ll want to make sure you’re not setting yourself up for blisters. Break them in by putting them on and walking around your house for an hour or two several times until they feel good, rub the soles of the shoes on the pavement as this will allow the soles to have more grip and therefore less chance of slipping and always bring a backup pair of sandals or ballet flats just in case.

Don’t Drive Yourself Around

We know you’re perfectly capable of driving, but you might be a little distracted. Make sure that hair & makeup come to you because the last thing you need is to be worried about driving and looking for a parking space etc.

Don’t Drink Dark Liquids at all!

This is a biggie. Don’t drink anything dark during the day, particularly after you’ve put on your dress. We don’t want stained teeth or stains on a gorgeous wedding gown either. One tip though is to drink anything that day with a straw to make sure teeth staining can be somewhat avoided and it also serves as a deterrent on spilling drinks.

Don’t Be in Charge ~ be the bride you deserve be

Without a doubt, as women we love to be in charge even on a special day like our wedding. Let’s face it though, we can’t micro manage everyone, you are the bride and deserve to enjoy this moment. Let all the hard work pay off, you’ve earned it! Start by enjoying every little detail and relinquish control, employ a planner to manage the day and let the party begin!

Happy Planning…Natalie xx

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Today’s vendor spotlight is …Frasers, Kings Park

Writing this blog post is and will be a little biased as this venue is particularly close to my heart (yes I had my wedding reception here, many moons ago!)

Frasers is quite iconic when it comes to weddings in Perth & is one of the most sought after wedding reception venues. Who could question that, right? With views overlooking Perth’s beautiful skyline, the Swan River at it’s doorstep and bordered by the historic Kings Park it’s one place that ticks all the boxes.


Frasers State Reception Centre

Frasers Twilight picture ~ courtesy of Peter Hasson Photography

With the wedding industry changing constantly it becomes paramount to make sure that we know who is the contact person when it comes to executing the reception side of the big day; and therefore I had the pleasure of meeting Brooke Brodie.

Brooke has taken the role of Wedding Venue Coordinator in her stride and although she has only been in the role for a while, she appears to have had a grapple on all things weddings! In the time I spent with her one Tuesday morning, I was able to get to know her in an uninterrupted setting which was great as we gabbed all about the industry ;-)

On a serious note though, it was so refreshing to see that her hospitality background has served as a great platform to bring forth her new ideas. It was also lovely to see that Brooke was all too happy explore new ideas and innovative ways of showcasing not only the venue but it’s trusted vendors list in an exciting new format which can only mean great things for Frasers in the future.

Frasers food is nothing short of wonderful ( I can certainly vouch for that !!) and with its recent facelift has married the two together perfectly. The staff there are just wonderful and no request is too big or too small for them to accommodate. With the refurbishment Frasers can cater to a large formal event or an intimate affair.

All in all, I am always happy to recommend places that I have had the pleasure of working at and continue to personally enjoy with my family.

If you are looking for a venue that ticks all the wedding boxes, please visit this lovely spot located in the heart of Kings Park & meet the lovely Brooke: & don’t forget to mention Natalie from Carte Blanche Wedding Design sent you

Happy Planning …xx

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Today’s venues spotlight is: Indiana @ Cottesloe

This iconic venue located in Perth’s western suburbs corridor and bordered by the Indian Ocean has had several versions of the current name over the years with the same glorious view; however I am pleased that it has remained in it simplest form: Indiana :)

Indiana has the benefit of being located just a hop, skip & jump away from the glistening ocean complimenting its “hampton” style decor and vibe. With the venue being quite versatile in its design there are several options of how the venue can be used to your specific use. There is of course the “exclusive” use of the entire venue, the pavilion or the private ocean room all of which have uninterrupted views of its stunning shoreline.


Indiana @ Cottesloe

I have personally had the privilege of designing a wedding at Indiana and had a wonderful experience (both the food & service) with a previous venue coordinator, so I was eager to meet with the new one, Annette Advani. I met Annette last week and it was so refreshing to discuss all aspects of wedding planning, as well as getting to know her extensive experience of working in hospitality. Her willingness to embrace new ideas and her very pleasant nature are sure to be a winning combination.

As a wedding planner, I am often asked for recommendations on all wedding related topics, and although there a lots of people that can provide a service its the personable nature and the willingness to listen & assist that really sets the vendors apart. Annette showed genuine interest in me and my credentials & didn’t scoff at the idea of working with a wedding planner; in fact she embraced it and was all too happy to keep me in mind for some of her clients :)

If you are looking for a venue with character this is one that fits the bill. The versatility of this venue can accommodate a chandelier with ceiling silks or alternatively it can take on a boho chic style with paper lanterns. I would be more than happy to recommend Indiana with Annette at the wedding/function helm as you would be in very capable hands. The view and location really sells itself but its the staff behind the view that will close the deal.

As the weather takes a turn towards Spring , take a drive and visit Indiana @ Cottesloe for your next function or lunch and visit their website : and don’t forget to mention Natalie from sent you.

Happy Planning …Natalie xxx



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One of the many perks of being a planner is having  the privilege of meeting and working with some talented and valuable members of the wedding industry and this lovely lady is of no exception.One of the many things I love doing as a wedding planner is seeking out new vendors that I can add to my repertoire of vendors I love list.

I had the pleasure of meeting Tali of Twigged Flowers by Tali a few weeks back and was impressed by her personable nature as well as her willingness to provide exceptional service to her clients by referring like minded people ~ not to mention her beautiful portfolio of work :)

You might say that all florists are the same, but they are not! Yes they might do floral arrangements for special occasions etc and be quite talented but what is most important and what I look for in a prospective vendor is how they understand their client’s needs. Her detailed approach to understanding and listening to her clients shone through as we chatted about how we all bring something different to the couples wedding experience.

Below are some images of the fabulous work done by the talented Tali!

Bridal Boudoir

Image by Kerri MacKintosh Photography

Image by Kerri MacKintosh Photography

Image by I Heart Weddings.

Tali was an absolute sweetheart and I look forward to collaborating with her on future projects :)

Be sure to visit Tali at her Bulwer Street Office and don’t forget to mention Natalie from sent you :)

In all aspects of your wedding planning journey, please make sure you really take the time to get to know your “dream team” and always ask enough questions till you are satisfied with the answer ~never walk away with doubts!

For more on Tali and her work head to:

Happy Planning…Natalie xx

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Today’s venue spotlight is… The Old Brewery

I had the pleasure of meeting the new wedding coordinator of The Old Brewery the other day as I venue hopped all around some of Perth’s premier venues. We are so lucky in Perth to have such wonderful venues with spectacular views of our growing city.

Part of being a wedding planner is being in touch with your vendors because without them ~well let’s just say you might struggle to pull off a successful event! Like everything else these days there is a lot of movement in the hospitality industry and although I haven’t had a wedding there yet it was time to touch base so off I went to meet the venues wedding coordinator!

The Old Brewery ~ Perth Wedding venue

Our meeting was fabulous and it was like I was catching up with an old friend (a bit cliche I know, but so true!) Her willingness to help/assist as well as her event knowledge (through a corporate background) was reassuring. I would be more than happy to bring any prospective wedding couples out here knowing they would be in capable hands.

Often when the words “wedding planner” come out it’s sometimes fraught with trepidation (we’ve all heard the stories , right!) however with Gosia she understood the role of the wedding planner & how by working together we would be working towards the same goal!

If you are looking for a venue that has the balanced mix of old & new, has uninterrupted views of this beautiful city overlooking the Swan River, can accommodate a formal sit down dinner to a cocktail party, has delicious food & a wonderful coordinator who is only too willing to assist in making your wedding beautiful, I urge you to visit & tell them Natalie from Carte Blanche Weddings sent you.

PS: Keep following us on the blog for more venue spotlights!


Happy Planning…Natalie xx

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As we all know, when it comes to planning any sort of party, get together, event or any other name we choose to call a collection of people socialising in the one setting, this generally means money. Don’t get confused with the word “cost effective” either, thinking it means “cheap” it doesn’t!! This just means that there is an alternative way of hosting your friends & family by adding that personal touch which usually tends to mean that little bit more.

With weddings costing more than what they used to, brides & grooms are being more money conscious so it’s important to address these concerns by coming up with some fun alternative ways of entertaining your guests & still remain with a little bit of integrity (before the drinks kick in, at least ;-)

Classy Cocktail Party

Why not throw a cocktail party in a friend’s house so you can save serious cash.There are oodles of ways to keep it classy.You can get a variety of cheeses or a fabulous cheese tower,beautiful breads, flavoured oils and specialty dips. You can really make it interesting, by serving some colourful, sexy drinks, like a cosmo or be more adventurous by making up some signature cocktails.

Bridal shower Cocktail party idea


High Tea

Show off your worldliness by hosting an afternoon high tea, so you can keep food light and to a minimum. You can serve a variety of teas for everyone to sample along with scones,finger sandwiches & those delicious petit fours. Why not check out flea markets/vintage stores for wonderful old teacups, saucers, and teapots. It’s even more interesting when they don’t match.

Bridal shower High Tea idea

Tasteful games at your bridal shower

Probably the most inexpensive idea is to have some tasteful games. Remember that you will usually have some older women at your shower so it’s important to take this into consideration (you still want your future mother-in-law to have fun!)

To some these games might seem cheesy but if done correctly and a bit of thought is put into it a fantastic way to integrate all your guests & make some new memories from the old ones.

You’d be surprised at how the little things add up (maybe not!), so for the invitations, why not get in touch with your creative crafty side ; buy some specialty stationery & use your computer if you are that way inclined or DIY invites from a reputable stationer. A great idea is to put a crossword puzzle on the invitation with questions about the bride and groom. You can include questions like ‘where did the bride go to school,’ or ‘what is the bride/groom’s favourite drink’. These small touches make the invitations quite unique, so they’re not just boring, and also manages to add that little bit of “je nais se quoi” by involving your guests that extra bit more.

Bridal shower games by


Just remember that what really matters when you’re planning a shower is the thought, love, and personality you put into it, not how much money you spent.

Wishing you happy planning…Natalie xx

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Should there be a “dress code” for the wedding planner?

In my professional opinion as a planner, I think that we should have a dress code or least a dress style for the occasion. For some reason wedding planners are seen to nearly always wear the “proverbial black outfit” and yes I too have been guilty into subscribing to this colour palette; because as we all know its about the couple.

However we also have the dilemma of looking professional and festive as well as trying to unobtrusively blend into the background. I think we should adopt a sense of style that reflects us as individuals and as planners since we are the walking & talking advertisement for our businesses. People who we will interact with on the day of the wedding, prior to the wedding and all the supplier appointments in between will often notice our attire and although we should never “judge a book by its cover” we unintentionally tend to do so!

So where to go from here? I personally have been a little reluctant to wear quite a few pieces from my wardrobe that I think will draw attention to me; however upon reflection injecting a little colour to your outfit is a good thing and should not be treated as “taboo” but a way of expressing your personal style. There is no rule book to suggest how one should dress so the onus is definitely placed upon the individual.

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Photography ~ where to start? First things first…you set the date, right? From here it’s all about research and of course working within your budget. Too often couples cut corners in the wrong areas and its such a shame if you have taken the time to plan every detail of this momentous occasion so why not take the time to research, research, research. It always pays to shop around to find the right fit for your wedding and by that I mean you must “connect” with your wedding photographer as well as having the right photographer capture your style. A great rapport will “always” shine through to your priceless images when you book the right person.

2014 AIPP Creative Photographer of the Year

Continue reading

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As a professional in the wedding industry it is my job to find out what the latest trends are and to let my prospective clients know what is “hot” and what is “not”. Although flowers can be quite a personal aspect of a wedding it is important to note that adhering to your budget is important and know that it is best to order flowers that are in season.

If by chance you are one of those “lucky” brides with an unlimited budgeted…..go for it! Below I have noted a few things to consider when choosing flowers. I’m certainly not an expert in this field by any stretch, however as I am more often than not the “go to” person when it comes to weddings, I feel it is necessary to be able to at least have an idea of what direction the bride/groom wish to go and closely liaise with a “professional florist”.

Autumn Wedding Flower Trends

Rich hues, unique vases, and unexpected elements are just a few of the hot trends in autumn wedding flowers.

Choosing flowers for spring and summer weddings is a no-brainer: There are so many varieties in season, and any sweet pastel or bright and sunny colour scheme feels appropriate. But if you want wedding flowers that reflect the autumn season in a chic and intriguing way, it’s a little more challenging. Here are some of  the latest trends in autumn flowers. The good news: Your options in autumn are as gorgeous and stylish as ever.

Think Textured Wedding Flowers

The hottest trend in autumn wedding flowers is lush, richly hued arrangements with lots of interesting texture. Instead of using just two or three types of blooms in your centrepieces, try a wide mix of flowers coordinated with your colour scheme. For a distinctly autumn touch, deep purple or burgundy calla lilies add visual depth and a dramatic element that announces that summer is over.

Classic Wedding Flowers in Rich Hues

Although texture is key, classic flowers still rule for autumn weddings. Tailor them to the time of year by choosing more deep and dramatic shades than you would in the summer — opt for classic autumn hues or go with more unexpected colours like aubergine, burgundy, copper, and forest green.  Of course, roses will always be popular and are available in any hue you need for your autumn colour scheme. Also hot for autumn weddings: antique hydrangeas in greens and purples.

Pick a Polished Wedding Bouquet

Loosely tied bouquets that look like they were just gathered from an English garden are a natural choice for many brides during the spring and summer, but for autumn weddings, bouquets can be more structured. Instead of leaving stems exposed, trend-conscious florists wrap them in textured fabric, velvet sashes, or ribbons. The groomsmen boutonnieres can be similarly polished — instead of a bare stem, choose boutonnieres wrapped in satin or grosgrain ribbon for your wedding party.

Use Plants as Reception Centrepieces

Succulents are a hugely popular landscaping trend right now, and stylish brides are working them into their centrepieces too. They’re seasonless but come in deep, autumn-appropriate hues like rich purple, cactus green, and pomegranate. Since their leaves look like petals, succulents mix easily with flowers.

Bypass Boring Glass Vases

For centrepieces, while classic glass vases may feel right in summer, for autumn, style-conscious couples are using everything from eye-catching copper pots to silver trophy cups and gold-leaf vases, or going earthy with containers made of wood or covered in lichen. Mismatched antique urns or pots from the markets are also popular. Use a collection of pots in different sizes — as many as five per table — that your guests can take home at the end of the evening. If you decide on glass vases, you can add a distinctly autumn feel by using wheat berries or grain as a base for the flowers.

Go Green

Eco-conscious couples and their florists are focusing on using locally grown organic flowers. One eco friendly-wedding tip for your flowers: Stick to flowers grown near the wedding site, which lessens your environmental impact, rather than flying flowers in from another continent. Organically grown blooms spare the earth (and your guests) from exposure to potentially harmful chemicals. It’s also a great way to support nearby nurseries and celebrate the local region.

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To plug or unplug weddings, who would have ever thought we’d be talking about plugging or unplugging weddings!

This subject has always been a bit of a hit & miss with some people since we now live in a technological age where anything goes…online! For some the idea of not sharing any personal information with the big wide world is not an option ~ however I think it’s a fine line when it comes to weddings! Some couples are very social media active and prefer to update statuses at their every waking moment and there are others who tend to be a little more discreet.

When it comes to weddings I think if you have the permission of the couple or alternatively the couple has made it quite clear that it’s ok to instagram, FB, tweet etc throughout the reception well it’s all steam ahead. Personally, I think you owe it to the couple to be present throughout the most important part of the day & that is the ceremony! It is quite a sight to see the guests with all their hands to their faces trying to capture the moment where the couple are pronounced husband & wife yet they can’t clap because everyone is holding a ph etc ~ go figure!!

These days some couples are quite liberal in the “social media” arena and prefer to have things posted online as they may see it as not having a chance to participate as they are busy “getting married”. As the old saying goes….”to each his own” but bear in mind the requests of the couple either way as by doing so you are totally adhering to proper guest etiquette.

Wishing you happy planning…Natalie xx


Signage for unplugged weddings ~ courtesy of Pinterest


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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you all & may 2012 be filled with lots of love, happiness and joy! 

After all the pre & post christmas parties and the new year revelry many couples have started 2012 newly engaged & are eagerly jumping on the internet and searching through countless wedding websites for anything and everything weddings! After slightly coming down from “cloud nine” and looking at your gorgeous sparkler that happens to have taken up residence on your left hand, you are left wondering “Now what?” Continue reading

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I know it had been a while since I last posted on my blog, however being knee deep into wedding season I had completely been remiss of the time lag and for that I do apologise. I thought it also timely that I write about this topic since I have been receiving loads of enquiries even as far as 2014, yes you heard correctly ~ so here we go.

Congratulations, you’re engaged! Before your head starts spinning with thoughts of the perfect centrepiece, a dress to die for or what choice of cake to select ~ take a step back. When choosing the right wedding planner, she will be able to guide you through the process of making your day personal, execute your dreams flawlessly and help you to make decisions that are representative of you and your relationship in every way. A planner’s job, amongst other things, is to get into your brain, understand your needs and desires and make them a reality. Just remember they can’t do that unless you first do your homework! Below are a few things I call my “non negotiables”. These are steps that should be addressed and discussed as early in the planning process as possible & if you spend a bit of time on them, it will not only streamline the process of planning your wedding, but enable you to avoid many of the speed bumps that brides commonly trip over.

  1. The guest list. You don’t need to get every little detail at this stage of the game, but focus on putting pen to paper to determine an actual guest count. This is essential in searching for locations that make sense. You don’t want to consider locations that hold 150 if you have 200 guests. Make sure you talk to your parents and get their lists, as well. Try to include an alternate list for people who you will undoubtedly run into at some stage whom you have completely overlooked.
  2. Determine a budget. (this is definitely close to my heart!) As your planner we are responsible to let you know whether the budget you decide upon is realistic, but you need a starting place for that to happen. Discuss the finances with your fiancé and parents, and find out up front what each party is contributing. Wedding budgets can spiral out of control, but having a number in mind will prevent you from looking at items that don’t make sense and help prevent that from happening. You don’t want to get your heart set on items that aren’t in your financial comfort zone.
  3. Discuss the tone of your wedding. What & How would you like your guests to feel at your wedding? How formal/informal would like the day or evening to be? Is the focus a sophisticated multi-course dinner or a high energy dance party? This will impact just about every decision you make, and it’s best to start thinking about it.
  4. Discuss the big items with your fianceé. It’s amazing how many couples start planning a wedding without going over even the basics together. Getting on the same page from the beginning will prevent arguments down the road.Communication is key!
  5. Location, location, location. Where is your wedding taking place? Is the ceremony in a house or church or at the same place as the reception? Is this a destination wedding or in your capital city? Will you need additional transport organised for guests? Is it a place that is convenient for the majority of your guests?

If you take the time to figure out these basic items before you hire a planner, you will be able to give your wedding professional the tools that they need to begin planning a wedding that is specific to your needs. It will help to eliminate false expectations and get you on track for a smooth planning experience. Once you have these items ironed out, you will be ready to plan your wedding ~ have loads of fun and get knee deep into the entire process.

So just remember that you always must……Honour ~ Love ~ Cherish & PLAN

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It has been a while since I last blogged & I have been meaning to write about some of the changes I have been experiencing as a planner. The world of weddings as we know it has always been about the fantasy, the glitz & glamour, & when you pick up a wedding magazine/subscribe to a wedding blog etc you are blown away by the price of weddings, and the pure extravagance of the entire event. The carrot is dangled & before you know it you are immersed into the world of weddings; especially the ones that seem to have that elusive “unlimited budget” ~ one should be so lucky :-)

My mantra has always been and always will be: “let us work on your wedding & you work on your relationship”. Too often I see couples, placing so much unneeded pressure on themselves to have the perfect wedding reception; and what they are missing out on is the ability to enjoy the wedding planning journey & the one of self discovery. Let’s face it, this is usually the only time in your life that you will ever stage such a big event; so why not enjoy the experience & leave the details to the professionals. 

With more & more couples working together on financing their wedding; this has now become the foundation for the couple to learn to work together & reach compromises which means the wedding is becoming more about the relationship and less about an extravagant party; the way it should be! All the stresses associated with hosting such an event has always been the catalyst for “couples” transforming into people they are not.

So in short, enjoy the planning process ~ these days with couples working longer hours (to subsequently fund the wedding) the convenience of having a planner has now become quintessentially the ‘secret weapon’ for the couple’s sanity. So do yourselves a favour and focus on your relationship first & foremost and let the wedding be a reflection of what it is you hold dear.

Wishing you all happy planning…….Natalie xx

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It’s one of the subjects that we go all through when planning a big event like a wedding. As soon as the ring is on the finger and the date set, we become so obsessed about everything to do with the wedding that we sometimes neglect the most important thing and that is “our relationship”. As a wedding planner, I like to use this motto when working with my brides…..”we take care of the wedding” and “you take care of your marriage”!

You never expected the downside: glaring at each other in bridal registry departments, screaming matches over the wedding guest list. The engagement period can be a minefield of hot topics that can trigger huge blowouts sometimes a seating plan is not just a seating plan.

At the end of the day it isn’t about the wedding as such you should worry about, it’s the marriage that is really important! Below is a list of the most common prewedding blowouts and how to resolve them.


“His family’s guest list is getting longer and longer every day, and they’re not even chipping in for the wedding.”

This argument can sometimes be “a prototype for future financial dealings.” The best advice would be to discuss things rationally and be business like with your approach. You could also suggest the breakdown of both families costings and ask the question: “What can we do to limit the cost and will/can your family chip in?” Sometimes a less invasive approach can be the way to go.Throughout this process there maybe some underlying issues so be on the lookout for conflicts like these as the respective partner may have a greater sense of obligation to their parents that the wedding be a certain way. It’s a good way to try and find that balance of “fairness & balance” without offending anyone.

Groom Involvement

“He doesn’t even seem to care about the colour of the table linens”

You could be expecting too much: He’s a guy after all!  Most men are clueless when it comes to design and decor.” This doesn’t mean that you should give up on including him, however. “Find out what he is interested in and encourage him to participate in that part.


You’re spending loads of money on your dress and your groom would like to spend some of that cash on the honeymoon.

The problem here is that this problem is fairly one sided, and really “what entitles you to spend huge amounts of money on the wedding dress,anyway? This needs to be an equitable deal. At least the honeymoon is something you’ll both enjoy. Sit down with him, like two adults, and work out the finances of the wedding together.”


“Why isn’t he making an effort to understand my tradition/religion?”

If handled calmly and sensitively, a discussion like this can be an opportunity to get to know yourself and your partner better just by getting clear about what these traditions mean and say about each other.


He wants dark green ink on the invitation; you want pale green. He wants candles on the tables; you think they look silly.

Both of you need to share the power and decision-making regarding wedding plans. Decide on priorities by having each person rate on a scale of one to ten the importance of each detail. Remember, it’s good practice to learn early on how to prioritise, negotiate, and compromise. These skills will come in very handy later on.

Bridezilla Behaviour

He says, “Who is this detail-obsessed, wedding-magazine-reading woman and where is the girl who used to sit with me watching the footy?”

Your guy may have a point. “If the wedding has become more important than your relationship, that’s a warning sign. Yes, you want a lovely wedding, but not at the expense of your relationship. After all, what’s the point? Keep your future in mind.”

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Quite a contradiction in terms, right! Well it is; it’s the kind of thing that can bring both blues or bliss (personally I would opt for the bliss, as I think most couples would!) but to achieve this we must be realistic every step of the way. There is nothing wrong with having a “dream wedding” providing it is within your budget. 
After meeting with a couple and discussing their “perfect day” I am often the one who has to bring the subject of money up and it’s quite funny to me that as a planner this is the part of the wedding planning process that we tend to lose the “bride to be” for a while, it begins with the rolling of the eyes, the heavy sighing and the automatic flipping of “another” bridal/wedding magazine that has mysteriously appeared! However it is the “groom to be” who becomes attentive and is quite astonished as to what things actually cost when it comes to all things weddings, the furrowing of the brow becomes more visible particularly if he/they are shouldering the the entire bill or at least quite a big chunk of it. 

I really try to tackle this subject very tactfully as people tend to get quite defensive when discussing money, and let’s face it ~ it’s never really the right time to bring it up! My approach is to be non partial and make sure they get “the best value” for money and hopefully have some money left over for the honeymoon! It’s all about being creative and making that hard working dollar stretch as far as it can go as well as trying not to lose the style and class that is synonymous with hiring me as their planner. 

Ideas of a fantasy wedding are often brought down to earth by the issue of money so it is important to discuss this pretty much after the engagement; because as any bride to be would know as soon as you get engaged on come the blinkers and its “wedding mode” all the way till you walk down the aisle. Setting a budget for your wedding is the second thing you need to do after the engagement. Your budget will be determined by the style of your wedding, number of guests and the type of reception you are wanting to have. Everything you do from now on will affect your wedding budget. By keeping accurate records/receipts of wedding expenses as you go along it will help you stay within your budget.

As part of the many services my company provides budget preparation is fast becoming one of the things I assist couples with the most, aside from on the day coordination etc. I suggest to my couples that you both discuss what is important to each of you separately and try to find common ground  and then to decide what will be the area that you wish to spend a higher % of the budget on. The reception generally takes 40 -50% of the budget with the remainder of the funds being allocated to your priorities.

Un-budgeted costs an result in unexpected higher wedding bills and being aware of the “details” will help avoid any hidden costs. Things to keep in mind are: corkage fees cakeage fee (fee for cutting and serving cake at the venue), any late fees to suppliers, church/celebrant fees and parking costs associated with guests attending your wedding etc.

Today there are no rules about who pays for what. Times have changed and what it really comes down to is the financial ability of the bride & groom and their families.Don’t be afraid to discuss money so early in the planning process as this will hold you in good stead when dealing with financial issues in married life (and boy there are plenty!) Establish good communication with your partner and family if they are contributing to the wedding and always be truthful about your financial situation. Often couples find it difficult to discuss money with their parents, however in the long run if they are willing to contribute it’s best to know up front so everyone is on the same page.

My aim for writing this blog was so that all couples can enjoy the wedding planning process, open the lines of communication when it comes to finances and by discussing this “taboo” subject of a “wedding budget” we can avoid the pitfalls of the “wedding budget blues” and have “wedding budget bliss” instead ;)

Happy planning………..Natalie

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Lots of brides to be use the word “vintage” fairly loosely these days to describe the look they are trying to achieve; however I often wonder if they actually mean “retro” or “antique”. To try and de-mystify this dilemma I have decided to blog about this topic because as a planner it’s my role to understand what it is they really want so I am able to translate that into their ideal wedding theme.
vintage wedding theme
If you decide to plan for a wedding that is inspired by the Roaring 20’s, 30’s etc my advice would be to get into that 1920’s flapper fashion by dressing in a drop waist vintage beaded french lace will capture old time romance & accessorise with vintage crystal and diamond brooches. For the guys a suit with tails and top hat will compliment the bride just perfectly. Styling your vintage themed event with touches such as feathers, birdcages with silk flowers, venetian mirrors and candlelight will set the reception shimmering. You can even add antique silver bowls filled with flowers as centrepieces and have vintage cars as your transportation.                                                          

When planning a “retro” style themed wedding, think about “all-american classic”, “1950’s rock’n’roll”, “Happy Days” era of bobby socks and the big full tea length skirt, with the big  1950’s cadillac.

This period is generally referred to as the Edwardian or Victorian Era. With this in mind, it’s best to describe this theme as rich, romantic, old fashioned etc. Colours that are generally used are those in the pastel palette; ivory,pink,gold etc.Intricate victorian lace, beading and pearls are at the heart of this romantic wedding theme which just shouts “pretty & romantic”.

I hope I have been able to at least shed some light on this topic and by having a clearer understanding of what each terminology is you will be able to exactly describe to your wedding planner/supplier what it is you want and get the wedding of your dreams with your own personality shining through.

Happy Planning…………..Natalie
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Hmmm……what does this mean? Could it mean your dream wedding? Could it mean all your dreams coming true for your special day? Well sort of……..this blog is about wanting everything possible thing and not really paying for it! How is this possible you may ask? Well the answer is easy…..I’m writing about tips for your Bridal Registry. Where you can literally shop till you drop and not pay a cent – not a bad deal, hey.

Creating a wedding gift registry can be a daunting task, so I’ve assembled the best advice to get you started…..
1. Have a PLAN 
Firstly draw up a list of what you want and what you need. Don’t be afraid to choose larger, expensive items as it gives guests a chance to buy a group gift. Select gifts that cater for different budgets. Give guests plenty of choices at different price points.
2. Go back to BASICS
Move through the store thinking of each room of the house. List essentials including: glassware, dinnerware, towels and bedlinen.
3. Adding a touch of FUN & LUXE
Popularity  of Wedgewood & Royal Doulton is growing as designs become more modern. Wii consoles are also finding their way on a number of registries, its fun and both bride & groom can play. If travel is a priority to the couple, luxe luggage can also be included.
4. Living together
Don’t worry this is a chance to either complete a set of dinner plates, glasses or upgrade to more sophisticated homewares
TOP 10 Wedding Gifts
  • Coffee Machine
  • Wine decanters
  • Formal Cutlery set
  • Set of LUXE wine glasses
  • Pots & Pan set
  • Digital camera/video
  • Complete formal dinner set
  • Set of quality cook books
  • Gift Voucher for Couples Day Spa
  • Cooking class voucher for bride & groom
I hope this these handy tips make shopping for wedding gifts loads of fun and hope that you get everything in your wish list!
Happy Planning……………..Natalie
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I love being a wedding planner and be able to use my imagination to where ever the wind blows. Those are the perks of the trade and when when working with a couple it’s all about meshing the creative idea with the individuality of the couple.These are a few little ideas to add some FUN to your special day with your own personal twist to your wedding reception.

1. Photo Booths
Some may disagree with photo booths and think they are so passe – but I just love them! Especially the sepia toned ones (brown tint to the photos) since they add that vintage feel if that’s what you are after, or alternatively normal colour and that is because it creates an interactive activity for you and your guests. You could also make a photo collage and frame it ~ which could turn out to be quite a talking piece at your next dinner party!

2. Low, Lush Centrepieces
Low centrepieces can still make plenty of impact with an abundance of colourful flowers teamed with candles and mirrored table tops. With the amount of flowers available these days the only thing stopping you is your imagination.

3. Cake/Dessert Station
Before I begin, this is the FUN part of wedding planning ~ cake tasting YUM!! Can’t decide on what you want? Cake tasting and design has come a long way since the traditional fruit cake and mud cake(not that there is anything wrong with that) but who can decide one only one thing. If your budget allows it why not combine both options and have a cake for the traditional side of the proceedings and then have the dessert station as a bonus for you and your guests. Cake anyone??

4.Engagement Photos
Everyone does engagement photos most of the time and usually people give them away to family and friends and have them displayed around the house etc. Why not add these photos to your “Save the Date” cards or use them for your engagement party invitations. At least they are being put to good use and being used more than once.

5. Bridesmaids Dresses
Gone are the days when all the bridesmaids had to look the same. There is nothing wrong with everyone looking the same if that is what you like, however its great to include the girls individuality by choosing dresses that flatter different body types. An idea would be have all the girls with different styles of dresses, using the same colour palette. Just use your imagination an get some input from your friends if you dare!

6.Floral Arrangements
Having varied floral arrangements is another great idea too. By this I mean, having all the girls with different floral bouquets (ideally posies suited to the colour palette used throughout the wedding) and then the bridal bouquet to be a combination of them of all. A unique twist on a classic.

Hopefully after reading these ideas you are able to get those creative juices flowing and get some inspiration for own special affair.

Happy Planning……….Natalie

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#1 – Invest the time

Take the time to experiment, and really try things out before deciding on your overall wedding décor, table linens, etc. Some colours, fabrics and textures look completely different in different lighting, so how it looks in the bright fluorescent lights of the showroom is NOT how it will look in your dim, candlelit reception room.

#2 – Come prepared
When you meet with your wedding designer and/or linens provider, it’s most helpful and efficient if you come armed with as much detail as possible about your wedding, such as photos of your wedding dress and bridesmaids’ attire, any cake or floral information you have and so on. Also, if you have a specific colour in mind, bring in an actual sample – verbal descriptions just don’t work!

#3 – Handle strong colour with care

If you love a bright, vivid colour but are concerned about it being “too much,” consider using it as an accent colour in the room instead, such as in the napkins and chair ties. If it’s a small wedding, bright fuchsia table linens may work, but a grand ballroom filled with 40 hot pink tables may be a bit overwhelming.

#4 – Make your own unique colour

By experimenting with different sheers placed over various coloured fabrics, you may find your own unique combination that gives you the look you want. Ideally, do this in the same lighting that your reception will be in for an accurate vision!

Happy Planning………..Natalie 
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Set Your Eyes on Your Site
When deciding on a wedding colour palette, play up the prominent colours of your site or setting. 

Get Inspired by the Season
Let Mother Nature be your guide  they say she never makes a mistake. Pink may work year-round, but light pastels and barely there hues like buff can look washed out for a autumn or winter wedding. In the summer, reserve dark colours like burgundy only for accents.

Do Your Research
Become aware of colour combinations that you like, whether browsing art galleries or flipping through a stack of home or fashion or interior design magazines for the must-have colours for the new season.

Scout it Out
To choose an exact hue, visit a fabric store or paint shop and collect swatches or chips of colours you might want to use. This will help you get specific, so that when you decide on green you’ll know if it’s lime green, Kelly green, sage green, or forest green.

Choose a Dominant Hue
Pick one general colour first say, blue and then start thinking about shades and tints (aqua, tiffany blue, navy) or other colours to accent it with.

Play with Paint Websites
From seeing colours in action (by virtual room painting) to recommendations for popular colour combos, paint companies know a lot about colour. Visit sites like and

Pair Wisely
Stick to wedding colours of the same intensity, such as lavender and baby blue rather than royal blue with light brown.

Set the Mood
Figure out what emotions you want your celebration to evoke. A peaceful, Zen-like retreat? A regal, romantic affair? A jumping, high-energy party? For instance, a vibrant summer yellow mixed with chocolate-brown (think sunflowers and bees) is perfect for a country-chic wedding — add gold to the mix, and the combination becomes more reminiscent of regal France.

Get it on Paper
Spend time looking for wedding stationery in colour combos that inspire you and express your style and fit with the feel of the reception — rich violets, oranges, and teals for a Mediterranean or Near East flair, or pink and green for a summer garden affair.

Vary it Up
Can’t settle on one scheme? If your wedding takes place in multiple rooms, each can have its own palette. But choose one consistent colour to keep it from looking like a kaleidoscope.

Take Flower Notes
The most obvious way to add colour is with your wedding flowers. But first, get familiar with the different types of flowers – especially your favourites and the colours they come in. Secondly find a florist this able to understand your vision.

Don’t Forget Your Linens
Look through party rental catalogues for colourful cloths like napkins and overlays that you love. Use them on guest, cake and buffet tables, underneath the place cards, and more. Or, focus on the table accessories. Maybe a beloved china pattern could set the palette for your reception tables. 

Light it Up
Lighting can make or break a space. Talk to your event designer/wedding planer or lighting expert about colours you can use to wash bare white walls (especially important for large spaces). Pink and amber tints will soften the room without overpowering it. Blue is tricky, but can work well if you’re looking to showcase cool crisp angles.

Drive Home Colour
Don’t forget about the impact of repetition — trimming doorways, tables, centrepieces, and the bar with the same simple ribbon in your signature hue will give more oomph than one large, ornate display in the same colour.

Consider All of Your Elements
The last, but most important, thing to remember when making your final choice: Not all colours are easy to wear, and you’ve got bridesmaids to dress.

Happy colour planning…….Natalie xx

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