Well, as a bride to be or just a person who loves weddings we are definitely in wedding season and with that said, here are a few helpful tips from yours truly on how to handle & enjoy one of the most important days of your life :-)

First & foremost be a guest at your own wedding…

Remember you may have spent many countless hours planning the biggest party you will ever have so don’t forget to enjoy all the hard work you and/or planner have put in place. Immerse yourself in the festivities and let your hair down as this is the moment you have been waiting for!

Don’t Stress on the Weather

The number one wedding day detail you can’t control is rain. So if it rains, embrace it. Take photos outside under an umbrella and focus on your friends and family. Nothing should get in the way of marrying your sweetie ~ rain/hail or shine ;-)

Don’t Sweat the small stuff or any other planning to-do

Time to delegate the task to a planner who will alleviate all the last minute things. If you don’t have anyone to ask, skip it. Your guests won’t notice or care that half of the favours don’t have bows. They will notice if you look tired and stressed out!

Don’t Skip a Meal

Eat! Seriously, you have to have something in your stomach the morning of the wedding — trust me, one meal won’t affect how your dress fits. And it won’t matter how thin you look if you faint at the altar! The main thing here is graze throughout the day, something I most definitely recommend to my brides because you will be rather excited (well you should be!) and definitely high on “love” so keep your blood sugars level!

Image from pinterest

Don’t Try Out a New Makeup (or Any Other Beauty Product)

It’s important that your skin is used to the makeup that you use on the day-of so you won’t break out. If you want to try new things perhaps a few months out (i.e., colour, new foundations, new look etc ) do so a few months in advance so that you will feel comfortable & less stressed when your wedding day has arrived. Don’t do any drastic hair colours or cuts as you will regret this decision after the event!

Don’t Underestimate Your Schedule

Make sure you’ve allowed for some extra time in between having your hair and makeup done and getting to your photo site or ceremony, especially if you’re having it done somewhere else. Traffic could be bad or your hair and makeup could take longer than expected. A qualified planner with experience would’ve planned the day out with plenty of time for most things always, always erring on the side of caution & time delay :-)

Don’t Drink Too Much Champagne

It’s totally normal to have a glass of champagne with your bridesmaids before the ceremony, but don’t overdo it. You want to remember every single moment of the ceremony, not to mention look your best. Keep hydrated with water but don’t overdo this either as you’ll be wanting a bathroom break too often!

Don’t Pack for Your Honeymoon

If you ar planning on a honeymoon straight after the wedding (literally) then clearly this must be done sooner rather than later , however if you’re not leaving until the next day or so put it out of your mind for the day and do it after the wedding, where you’ll have a clearer head.

Don’t Wear Your Shoes for the First Time

This might be a no brainer for some of you , but still I hear of brides taking the risk on wearing new shoes on wedding day! Take the time to break in your shoes several weeks before the wedding day. Even if you’re not planning to wear 5-inch heels, you’ll want to make sure you’re not setting yourself up for blisters. Break them in by putting them on and walking around your house for an hour or two several times until they feel good, rub the soles of the shoes on the pavement as this will allow the soles to have more grip and therefore less chance of slipping and always bring a backup pair of sandals or ballet flats just in case.

Don’t Drive Yourself Around

We know you’re perfectly capable of driving, but you might be a little distracted. Make sure that hair & makeup come to you because the last thing you need is to be worried about driving and looking for a parking space etc.

Don’t Drink Dark Liquids at all!

This is a biggie. Don’t drink anything dark during the day, particularly after you’ve put on your dress. We don’t want stained teeth or stains on a gorgeous wedding gown either. One tip though is to drink anything that day with a straw to make sure teeth staining can be somewhat avoided and it also serves as a deterrent on spilling drinks.

Don’t Be in Charge ~ be the bride you deserve be

Without a doubt, as women we love to be in charge even on a special day like our wedding. Let’s face it though, we can’t micro manage everyone, you are the bride and deserve to enjoy this moment. Let all the hard work pay off, you’ve earned it! Start by enjoying every little detail and relinquish control, employ a planner to manage the day and let the party begin!

Happy Planning…Natalie xx

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Today’s vendor spotlight is …Frasers, Kings Park

Writing this blog post is and will be a little biased as this venue is particularly close to my heart (yes I had my wedding reception here, many moons ago!)

Frasers is quite iconic when it comes to weddings in Perth & is one of the most sought after wedding reception venues. Who could question that, right? With views overlooking Perth’s beautiful skyline, the Swan River at it’s doorstep and bordered by the historic Kings Park it’s one place that ticks all the boxes.


Frasers State Reception Centre

Frasers Twilight picture ~ courtesy of Peter Hasson Photography

With the wedding industry changing constantly it becomes paramount to make sure that we know who is the contact person when it comes to executing the reception side of the big day; and therefore I had the pleasure of meeting Brooke Brodie.

Brooke has taken the role of Wedding Venue Coordinator in her stride and although she has only been in the role for a while, she appears to have had a grapple on all things weddings! In the time I spent with her one Tuesday morning, I was able to get to know her in an uninterrupted setting which was great as we gabbed all about the industry ;-)

On a serious note though, it was so refreshing to see that her hospitality background has served as a great platform to bring forth her new ideas. It was also lovely to see that Brooke was all too happy explore new ideas and innovative ways of showcasing not only the venue but it’s trusted vendors list in an exciting new format which can only mean great things for Frasers in the future.

Frasers food is nothing short of wonderful ( I can certainly vouch for that !!) and with its recent facelift has married the two together perfectly. The staff there are just wonderful and no request is too big or too small for them to accommodate. With the refurbishment Frasers can cater to a large formal event or an intimate affair.

All in all, I am always happy to recommend places that I have had the pleasure of working at and continue to personally enjoy with my family.

If you are looking for a venue that ticks all the wedding boxes, please visit this lovely spot located in the heart of Kings Park & meet the lovely Brooke: http://www.frasersrestaurant.com.au/weddings/ & don’t forget to mention Natalie from Carte Blanche Wedding Design sent you http://www.carteblancheweddings.com.au

Happy Planning …xx

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Today’s venues spotlight is: Indiana @ Cottesloe

This iconic venue located in Perth’s western suburbs corridor and bordered by the Indian Ocean has had several versions of the current name over the years with the same glorious view; however I am pleased that it has remained in it simplest form: Indiana :)

Indiana has the benefit of being located just a hop, skip & jump away from the glistening ocean complimenting its “hampton” style decor and vibe. With the venue being quite versatile in its design there are several options of how the venue can be used to your specific use. There is of course the “exclusive” use of the entire venue, the pavilion or the private ocean room all of which have uninterrupted views of its stunning shoreline.


Indiana @ Cottesloe

I have personally had the privilege of designing a wedding at Indiana and had a wonderful experience (both the food & service) with a previous venue coordinator, so I was eager to meet with the new one, Annette Advani. I met Annette last week and it was so refreshing to discuss all aspects of wedding planning, as well as getting to know her extensive experience of working in hospitality. Her willingness to embrace new ideas and her very pleasant nature are sure to be a winning combination.

As a wedding planner, I am often asked for recommendations on all wedding related topics, and although there a lots of people that can provide a service its the personable nature and the willingness to listen & assist that really sets the vendors apart. Annette showed genuine interest in me and my credentials & didn’t scoff at the idea of working with a wedding planner; in fact she embraced it and was all too happy to keep me in mind for some of her clients :)

If you are looking for a venue with character this is one that fits the bill. The versatility of this venue can accommodate a chandelier with ceiling silks or alternatively it can take on a boho chic style with paper lanterns. I would be more than happy to recommend Indiana with Annette at the wedding/function helm as you would be in very capable hands. The view and location really sells itself but its the staff behind the view that will close the deal.

As the weather takes a turn towards Spring , take a drive and visit Indiana @ Cottesloe for your next function or lunch and visit their website : http://indiana.com.au and don’t forget to mention Natalie from  www.carteblancheweddings.com.au sent you.

Happy Planning …Natalie xxx



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One of the many perks of being a planner is having  the privilege of meeting and working with some talented and valuable members of the wedding industry and this lovely lady is of no exception.One of the many things I love doing as a wedding planner is seeking out new vendors that I can add to my repertoire of vendors I love list.

I had the pleasure of meeting Tali of Twigged Flowers by Tali a few weeks back and was impressed by her personable nature as well as her willingness to provide exceptional service to her clients by referring like minded people ~ not to mention her beautiful portfolio of work :)

You might say that all florists are the same, but they are not! Yes they might do floral arrangements for special occasions etc and be quite talented but what is most important and what I look for in a prospective vendor is how they understand their client’s needs. Her detailed approach to understanding and listening to her clients shone through as we chatted about how we all bring something different to the couples wedding experience.

Below are some images of the fabulous work done by the talented Tali!

Bridal Boudoir

Image by Kerri MacKintosh Photography

Image by Kerri MacKintosh Photography

Image by I Heart Weddings.

Tali was an absolute sweetheart and I look forward to collaborating with her on future projects :)

Be sure to visit Tali at her Bulwer Street Office and don’t forget to mention Natalie from www.carteblancheweddings.com.au sent you :)

In all aspects of your wedding planning journey, please make sure you really take the time to get to know your “dream team” and always ask enough questions till you are satisfied with the answer ~never walk away with doubts!

For more on Tali and her work head to:



Happy Planning…Natalie xx

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Today’s venue spotlight is… The Old Brewery

I had the pleasure of meeting the new wedding coordinator of The Old Brewery the other day as I venue hopped all around some of Perth’s premier venues. We are so lucky in Perth to have such wonderful venues with spectacular views of our growing city.

Part of being a wedding planner is being in touch with your vendors because without them ~well let’s just say you might struggle to pull off a successful event! Like everything else these days there is a lot of movement in the hospitality industry and although I haven’t had a wedding there yet it was time to touch base so off I went to meet the venues wedding coordinator!

The Old Brewery ~ Perth Wedding venue

Our meeting was fabulous and it was like I was catching up with an old friend (a bit cliche I know, but so true!) Her willingness to help/assist as well as her event knowledge (through a corporate background) was reassuring. I would be more than happy to bring any prospective wedding couples out here knowing they would be in capable hands.

Often when the words “wedding planner” come out it’s sometimes fraught with trepidation (we’ve all heard the stories , right!) however with Gosia she understood the role of the wedding planner & how by working together we would be working towards the same goal!

If you are looking for a venue that has the balanced mix of old & new, has uninterrupted views of this beautiful city overlooking the Swan River, can accommodate a formal sit down dinner to a cocktail party, has delicious food & a wonderful coordinator who is only too willing to assist in making your wedding beautiful, I urge you to visit http://www.theoldbrewery.com.au & tell them Natalie from Carte Blanche Weddings sent you. http://www.carteblancheweddings.com.au

PS: Keep following us on the blog for more venue spotlights!


Happy Planning…Natalie xx

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