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I’m Natalie the Creative Director/ Owner and Wedding Planner of Carte Blanche Wedding Design a full service wedding and event planning boutique in Perth Western Australia.

My husband is “the ying to my yang”and my sounding board for all my creative & crazy ideas but with his unwavering support, love & patience I feel like I can conquer the world!

The love of travel started many years ago and fortunately has taken me to all corners of the globe experiencing some wonderful things & meeting some extraordinary people.

One of my many passions is reading, relaxing with family & friends and trying to have a healthy balance of all them. My weaknesses are plenty but my faves are candles, flowers (peonies, tulips & soft pink roses) and perfume all of which when combined carefully create some sort of  “magical experience”.

Oops, did I mention I love weddings… well I do! My inspiration comes from everywhere and everyone, I find the devil in the details fascinating but most importantly I enjoy putting all the pieces of the wedding puzzle together and watch the magic unfold!

Wishing you all happy planning …and thanks for visiting xoxo

PS: This is a link to an interview I did with the AAWEP: http://www.weddingacademyblog.com.au/general/aawep-success-story-wedding-planner-designer-natalie-beckman/

PPS: I’m also a resident blogger for a new & upcoming blog: Popped Weddings! Here are the links to my blog posts on this site: