#1 – Invest the time

Take the time to experiment, and really try things out before deciding on your overall wedding décor, table linens, etc. Some colours, fabrics and textures look completely different in different lighting, so how it looks in the bright fluorescent lights of the showroom is NOT how it will look in your dim, candlelit reception room.

#2 – Come prepared
When you meet with your wedding designer and/or linens provider, it’s most helpful and efficient if you come armed with as much detail as possible about your wedding, such as photos of your wedding dress and bridesmaids’ attire, any cake or floral information you have and so on. Also, if you have a specific colour in mind, bring in an actual sample – verbal descriptions just don’t work!

#3 – Handle strong colour with care

If you love a bright, vivid colour but are concerned about it being “too much,” consider using it as an accent colour in the room instead, such as in the napkins and chair ties. If it’s a small wedding, bright fuchsia table linens may work, but a grand ballroom filled with 40 hot pink tables may be a bit overwhelming.

#4 – Make your own unique colour

By experimenting with different sheers placed over various coloured fabrics, you may find your own unique combination that gives you the look you want. Ideally, do this in the same lighting that your reception will be in for an accurate vision!

Happy Planning………..Natalie 
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